Sunday, June 27, 2010

Adrian Lamo Outs Self as Wikileaks Source Fourteen Days Before DailyTech Article

In a article published on June 24th on the DailyTech site entitled "EXCLUSIVE: Wikileaks Betrays Ex-Hacker Lamo, Outs Him as Source" [1] Adrian Lamo claims that wikileaks outed him as an anonymous wikileaks source, breaking their own rules:
Lamo tells us he sent the logs to Wikileaks "To see if they'd be true to their ethos, and publish something, even if it incriminated a source, or if they'd cover it up. I wanted to pose a catch-22. They did neither. [T]hey passed them on to a disgruntled ex-fan who knows my ex-wife[.] ID'ing me as the source. They broke their own rules. Any source that pisses them off could face termination, prison, or worse."
Adrian Lamo also gave an interview with Australian compsec journalist Patrick Gray on the his podcast site [2] which was published on June 10th, fourteen days earlier. Directly after the interview at around 35 minutes and 10 seconds into the podcast Patrick Gray can be heard to state:
"Adrian Lamo on the line there. Lamo also told me he submitted those chat logs between him and Manning to wikileaks and it's their decision whether or not they want to publish them ..."
As one astute reader on points out [3], in a Wired article published on June 11th, one day later [4], Adrian Lamo claims he will not give the logs to wikileaks:
“No, I’m not going to give the logs to someone who suggests that I might have been drug-addled when I decided to turn in a spy,” says Lamo, who takes prescription medication for depression and Asperger’s Disorder. “Private Manning’s attorney can get them by discovery like everyone else.”

UPDATE 29/06/10: DailyTech has published a retraction... (of sorts) at [5]

[2] (Direct MP3 link:
[3] [4]


  1. This guy (Lamo) can't excuse the reason for his terrible attitude as due to Asperger's.lamo is unbelievable, he condemns another man for breaking a secrecy code all the while he has broken the code by betraying this man.Hasn't he just done the exact same thing? What a hypocrite, Lamo has broken an honor code and still expects everyone else to honor that code, what is LAMO above the law?.
    NOT TO MENTION, is Lamo mentally retarded? The only person Manning confessed his crimes to was himself, Lamo. This is a fact that has been reported by a variety of media sources. So if "The Confession" between manning and lamo was givin to wikileaks, WHO could have given it to them? Manning is under lock and key 24/7(i bet the guy can't even pick his nose without 1000 camera's recording his every motion), the only guy free and walking the streets is LAMO. WHY WOULD HE EXPECT WIKILEAKS TO DENY THIS FACT, WHEN EVERYONE WOULD ALREADY ASSUME HE WAS THE SOURCE. I mean who would people think leaked the chatlog, BUSH ? OR maybe it was OPRAH? Nah it was probably Kim Jong Eel, that guy is just evil. I swear, He must be retarded, not asperger's.
    And shame on him, for using a real disease which actual people are suffering from for his own selfish uses.(He's a real life clone of Cartman, maybe Cartman has Asperger's not Tourette's too -a stroke of genius by the creators of Southpark).
    I just hope he doesn't decide to hack me, in vengeance, cause i have used my right to freedom of speech.

  2. i take that back ;/, after reading about Asperger's. And since noone really knows the truth. However, his so called snare, catch-22, was clearly not well thought out. He would have been the only possible source for that Chat log, The statements in regards to him, personally, i retract.

  3. Ahoy, I am writing about this story and would like to get in touch to discuss it, will you provide a contact link or phone number? Or Twitter handle for DM or facebook profile? I see you haven't updated in a while but you seem to know a ton about this.

    All the best.