Wednesday, June 30, 2010

As Julian Assange would say: "disturbing"

I stumbled across this reference in a forum thread about Adrian Lamo [1] (the thread itself is well worth the read if you have the time and inclination for some more background info)
"Before Kevin Poulsen had full coddling privileges over Lamo at Wired, the tech news service themselves ran an in-depth report outlining the unstable and unskilled kid ..." -- user "7752837529"
So I decided to dig out this old Adrian Lamo wired article from 2004 [2], and some of the information was, as Julian Assange would say, "disturbing" in the extreme:
His ex-girlfriend, who requested that her name be withheld, has also accused him of stalking her. "Every time I moved, he'd send an anonymous email," she remembers. "Sometimes he'd include my unlisted phone number, which nobody else had. He made a point of showing that he knew where I was." The court issued a restraining order against Lamo, following a complaint in which his then-girlfriend described an ongoing pattern of harassment and abuse. "He carried a stun gun, which he used on me," she recalls. "He was very controlling. He wanted to know where I was constantly. After we stopped talking, he would hack into the phone company's service center and change my phone services." * -- Jennifer Kahn, "The Homeless Hacker v. The New York Times", Wired 12/04

* emphasis mine

Jesus Christ.

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  1. Good stuff. The mainstream sites won't deal with it if he's dealing with the big guys. I wonder how the 4chan, encylopediadramatica crowd feels. If they're on it, at least the data won't be purged off the web.

  2. Yeah, I've noticed that unflattering information about Lamo has an unfortunate tendency to 'disappear".

  3. What a pathetic little sociopath.

  4. Adrian Lamo needs to be reminded of why they say SNITCHES GET STITCHES. Aspie scum bag.

  5. I know I'm digging up a zombie here, but I had a bit of a debate with Kevin Poulsen over a weekend, about his coverage of Lamo. I've documented it here, along with the Lamo/Manning chat log, as well as a log between his friend, Nadim and his ex-wife;