Saturday, June 26, 2010

Andy Stangby & Adrian Lamo

"Award-winning journalist Andy Stangby was tapped to fact-check Greenwald's work, and Lamo is engaged in penning his reply." From "Ex-Hacker Adrian Lamo to Accept's Offer to Rebut Wikileaks / Bradley Manning Story" [1]

I had never heard of "Award-winning journalist Andy Stangby" and could find next to nothing on the web about him, so I decided to ask about him on Adrian Lamo's facebook [2] . Andy Stangby replied to my question:

Speaks for itself really.

* ==

UPDATE: Andry Stangby's reply has since been deleted. Lucky I got a screenshot ;)

UPDATE #2: Adrian Lamo has deleted the original press release [1], fortunately I also made a screenshot of that too ;)

Another copy of the press release can be viewed at [3]

UPDATE #3: Adrian Lamo has now deleted his facebook post [2]

UPDATE #4: Lamo has now deleted the prlogs press release as well [3], webcitation still works. He has published a new press release without the reference to Andy Stangby at [4]

[1] (Deleted)
[2] (Deleted)
[3] (Deleted) (Webcitation:


  1. Lamo is a fucking scumbad snitch. Rot in hell