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Lamo Manning Wikileaks timeline

A time line of interesting events in the Lamo Manning Wikileaks case. I hope to update this as events unfold. Feel free to comment with corrections/suggestions.

Last updated August 8th 2010

Thanks to SiddReader for their corrections & additions

2010-08-04 #fedz #lamo #manning #webster Webster admits contacting authorities, Lamo confirms
 Webster said he alerted Army counterintelligence agents, who contacted Lamo. Manning was detained in Kuwait May 29, three days after Lamo called Webster. Lamo said he consulted with several people after Manning confided in him, but that it was Webster who got the investigation rolling.

2010-08-03 #cryptome #lamo #webster Timothy Webster denies cryptome allegations
 I was certainly surprised to see that somebody went to the trouble of compiling some sort of clumsy pseudo-dossier on me, particularly given my general lack of importance with regard to... well, just about anything, really. It's apparently amateur hour, given the inaccuracies and conspiratorial tone when no conspiracy exists, but I'm flattered by the effort. I propose to the source that he/she find a more worthwhile hobby to pass the time

2010-08-02 #cryptome #lamo #webster Timothy Webster outed on cryptome
 In a BBC interview with Adrian Lamo he states that he actually contacted a friend formerly with Army Counterintelligence to inform on Manning. The former agent is a man named Timothy Douglas Webster who Lamo has known for many years. The two met on America Online when they were both involved in the AOL hacking scene. Mr. Webster [personal information deleted by Cryptome] and Lamo remain very close friends.

  #chetuber #lamo #manning #wired Lamo denies Chet Uber's claims he was sent documents by Manning
 Update 8/2/10 18:30 EDT: Adrian Lamo said Monday that Manning did not provide him with classified documents. Lamo says Uber’s statements were the result of a misunderstanding. Lamo informed Uber in May that Manning, in his instant messenger chats with Lamo, had discussed things he’d seen on classified networks.

2010-08-01 #chetuber #lamo #vigilant Chet Uber says Lamo member of Project Vigilance
 In early June 2010 security pro Chet Uber got a phone call from Adrian Lamo, a well-known hacker he had worked with for a year in a volunteer-run intelligence organization. Lamo had received classified documents from a U.S. Army intelligence analyst named Bradley Manning and wanted advice about what to do. Uber told Lamo to turn Manning in.

2010-07-25 #warlogs #wikileaks Wikileaks releases Afgan war logs
 A huge cache of secret US military files today provides a devastating portrait of the failing war in Afghanistan, revealing how coalition forces have killed hundreds of civilians in unreported incidents, Taliban attacks have soared and Nato commanders fear neighbouring Pakistan and Iran are fuelling the insurgency.

2010-07-21 #fedz #lamo #manning #webster Lamo says he initially talked about Manning to ex who "happened" to work for .mil counterintelligence
 Fearing such a breach would jeopardize national security, Lamo passed on what he knew to his ex, who happened to work for Army counterintelligence.

2010-07-18 #hope #lamo Lamo defends himself on HOPE informant panel
 "He’s been called a snitch, a traitor, even a war criminal. He’s receiving death threats regularly. But Sunday Adrian Lamo took the stage at HOPE 2010 to defend his decisions, and then sat down with Gizmodo."

2010-07-16 #assange #hope Feds look for Julian Assange at HOPE
 NEW YORK CITY--Federal agents appeared at a hacker conference on Friday morning looking for Julian Assange, the controversial figure who has become the public face of Wikileaks, an organizer said.

2010-07-10 #greenwald #lamo #pressrelease Lamo claims Greenwald reneged on distribution deal
 "Lamo hit back, telling Greenwald in an e-mail exchange: "You can man up and do what you said you'd do, or see it (Lamo's piece) run elsewhere, with the more damning addendum that you've welched on your word. What /can/ you be trusted on, Mr. Greenwald? I suggest you establish a beachhead in that area here."

  #appelbaum #assange #lamo #manning #pressrelease Ex-Hacker Adrian Lamo Praises Manning Charges, Calls for Assange & Appelbaum to Step Down
 Ex-hacker Adrian Lamo, who had exposed Manning's activities, praised the government for timely action, saying: "I am pleased that Manning is no longer being held without charges, and that the case against him is moving forward."

  #abuse #lamo #wikipedia Lamo denies allegations of domestic abuse
 "I have never been subject to a restraining order in my life. A search of court records produces none. In light of the above, it seems consistent with WP:BLP that these edits be removed until sourced."

2010-07-06 #boingboing #feds #manning Bradley Manning charged
 The U.S. military has announced that it will press criminal charges against 22 year old Pfc. Bradley E. Manning for allegedly transferring classified military information to his personal computer, "wrongfully adding unauthorized software to a Secret Internet Protocol Router network computer," obtaining "more than 150,000 classified U.S. State Department cables," and transmitting data to unauthorized persons.

  #dailytech #feds #manning #wikileaks DailyTech claims DoD no contact from Wikileaks lawyers
 DailyTech has received information from a high ranking Department of Defense source involved with the the investigation, claiming that they had received no contact from attorneys retained and hired by the site that Manning allegedly leaked to -- Wikileaks. This contradicts previous reports. Wikileaks chief Julian Assange had previously stated that his efforts were rebuffed by U.S. government officials, a claim the DoD source states is believed to be false.

2010-07-05 #cjlambert #greenwald #lamo Lamo posts Greenwald reply on cryptome, cjlambert blog
 "From there the facts flew out the window as the reporter, Glenn Greenwald launched into a long-winded narrative, in essence, accusing me of not only Manning's incarceration, but for lies, conspiracy with the government, and black ops to take down Wikileaks. It was a clever attempt to turn the tables - to put my reputation on trial before the public."

2010-07-04 #appelbaum #greenwald #lamo #pressrelease Lamo to rebutt Greenwald, hacked Salon in 2003, Jacob Appelbaum wikileaks volunteer
 In his reply, Lamo outed Greenwald's primary source, Jacob Appelbaum, as being a Wikileaks collaborator, as confirmed by multiple sources. ... Lamo also detailed the assistance he rendered to Salon after gaining access to all Salon premium subscriber data in 2003. The web site had promised to cover its own intrusion in its own pages, but backed out of the deal out of fear that it could impact potential investors.

2010-07-03 #greenwald #lamo Lamo sends reply to Salon article
 Submitted my reply to two before midnight Eastern, making it this week on both coasts. Hella.

2010-07-02 #hope HOPE conference supports "Stop Snitching" T-Shirts
 " - get yours in time for HOPE!"

  #conspiracy #cryptome #lamo Lamo denies conspiracy theories
 I've certainly never worked for LEO's or the IC. I was, in fact, offered the chance - before my arrest, and after - and declined. The "after" part included a chance to inform. I didn't, even though it would have mitigated my sentence.

2010-07-01 #assange #hope #lamo #pressrelease #wikileaks Lamo challenges Assange to debate on US soil at HOPE con
 "Lamo further challenged Assange to a sidebar debate in order to clear the air of questionable accusations made by the Wikileaks Twitter account. Assange has refused to confirm or deny whether the account is official, and the controversy was featured in a recent New York Times piece"

2010-06-29 #chatlogs #dailytech #lamo #source #wikileaks DailyTech publishes retraction of Lamo chatlogs source claim
 "In that post we wrote we did not yet know whether Wikileaks outed Adrian Lamo as a source (in violation of its own policies). We now have evidence to believe that it did not."

2010-06-27 #chatlogs #lamo #source #wikileaks Discovery that Lamo previously disclosed himself as chatlog source on

  #lamo #manning #pressrelease Lamo says he is "resolved to testify" in Manning case
 "Adrian Lamo will be available to testify in the Bradley Manning case despite a recent uptick in death threats and questionable leaks, the ex-hacker announced today."

2010-06-26 #dailytech #nadim Nadim responds to DailyTech article
 "My response to the recent DailyTech article ( about Adrian Lamo, Wikileaks and myself: 4:18 AM Jun 26th via web" -- twitter

  #andystangby #greenwald #lamo #pressrelease Lamo to rebutt Greenwald, "award winning journalist" Andy Stangby to fact check
 "Award-winning journalist Andy Stangby was tapped to fact-check Greenwald's work, and Lamo is engaged in penning his reply." (Now deleted)

  #andystangby #greenwald #lamo #pressrelease Andy Stangby distances himself from Greenwald rebuttal, Lamo's claims
 "I have never represented myself as an award winning journalist. This was Adrian's choice of phrasing. I have recused myself from this venture due to Adrian's misrepresentation of my credentials"

  #andystangby #greenwald #lamo #pressrelease New rebuttal press release issued with no mention of Stangby
 "A journalist was tapped to fact-check Greenwald's work, and Lamo is engaged in penning his reply."

2010-06-25 #assange #dailytech #lamo #wikileaks Lamo calls for Assange to step down
 "Lamo is calling on Wikileaks chief and ex-hacker Julian Assange to step down."

2010-06-24 #chatlogs #dailytech #lamo #source #wikileaks Lamo claims Wikileaks outed him as source
 Lamo tells us he sent the logs to Wikileaks "To see if they'd be true to their ethos, and publish something, even if it incriminated a source, or if they'd cover it up. I wanted to pose a catch-22. They did neither. [T]hey passed them on to a disgruntled ex-fan who knows my ex-wife[.] ID'ing me as the source. They broke their own rules. Any source that pisses them off could face termination, prison, or worse."

2010-06-22 #hackerswanted #lamo #nadim Nadim chatlogs released

2010-06-19 #boingboing #chatlogs BoingBoing publishes "less redacted" chatlogs
 "We just received this from a source requesting anonymity. It purports to be a more complete transcript of a portion of Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning's conversation with Adrian Lamo, the hacker who reported Manning to authorities."

2010-06-17 #confidentiality #lamo #manning Lamo says Manning had confidentiality under minister/confession, journalist/source relationship
 "Indeed, Lamo told me (though it doesn't appear in the chat logs published by Wired) that he told Manning early on that he was a journalist and thus could offer him confidentiality for everything they discussed under California's shield law. Lamo also said he told Manning that he was an ordained minister and could treat Manning's talk as a confession, which would then compel Lamo under the law to keep their discussions confidential"

2010-06-15 #chatlogs #lamo #source #wikileaks Lamo outself as wikileaks chatsource on twitter
 @wikileaks You still haven't posted the Manning Confession submitted to you, but that'd be it. 8:06 AM Jun 15th via web

2010-06-12 #lamo #pressrelease #wikileaks Lamo refuses demand by Wikileaks to cease discussing potential espionage by Bradley Manning
 Adrian Lamo refused a demand by Wikileaks today that he cease discussing potential espionage by Bradley Manning, the Army intelligence analyst fingered in a recent leak probe after his own confessions during an instant message chat.

2010-06-11 #assange #chatlogs #lamo #wikileaks Assange asks Lamo for chatlogs
 "Manning’s defence team, which I have commisioned, urgently requires all emails and chat logs you alleged to have come from Mr. Manning. Please send them to me, if necessary through our online submission system. They will be used strictly for Mr. Manning’s defence, but must be complete."

  #assange #chatlogs #lamo #wikileaks Lamo claims he will not provide chatlogs to Assange
 “No, I’m not going to give the logs to someone who suggests that I might have been drug-addled when I decided to turn in a spy,”

  #feds #manning State department say they are analyzing Mannings hardrives
  Well, we are doing a damage assessment. I think also today, Diplomatic Security is assisting in forensic analysis of the hard drives that – to just determine, to verify that, in fact, the leak took place, and also to see if we can identify which documents within the network were potentially compromised.

  #lamo #manning #pressrelease " Adrian Lamo Clarifies Role In Bradley Manning Wikileaks Arrest"
 "A cop may be considered to be on-duty 24 hours a day, but a journalist can pick his stories," Lamo said today. "Manning approached me out of the blue, and I elected to act as a source for Wired News rather than proceed as a journalist myself, due to my involvement in the story," Lamo added.

2010-06-10 #chatlogs #poulsen #wired #zetter Wired publishes partial chat logs

  #lamo #nadim Nadim confronts Lamo
 Nadim I am very, very angry. Nadim For what you did to Manning. Adrian *to* manning? Encrypted OTR chat initiated. - 7:21 Adrian He's a traitor at best.

  #chatlogs #lamo #source #wikileaks Lamo tells he gave wikileaks the chatlogs
 "Adrian Lamo on the line there. Lamo also told me he submitted those chat logs between him and Manning to wikileaks and it's their decision whether or not they want to publish them ..."

  #chatlogs #lamo #washingtonpost Lamo provides chatlogs to Washington Post
 The logs of messages between Manning and Adrian Lamo, provided to The Washington Post by Lamo, reveal a young man who was at once privy to government material of the highest sensitivity and confronting a personal crisis of the highest order. Note: different parts of chatlogs appear than in Wired

2010-06-09 #confidentiality #lamo #manning Lamo claims Manning rejected offer of confidentiality
 In an interview with Yahoo! News, Lamo says that he spelled out very clearly in his chats with Manning that he wasn't affiliated with WikiLeaks or acting as a journalist. Lamo even offered, he says, to speak to Manning as a reporter and to protect his identity — and Manning refused. "I told him, 'Look — I am a journalist, and California [where Lamo lives] has a shield law,' " Lamo says. "I asked him if he wanted that choice, and he did not." It's unclear why Manning would reject such an offer.

2010-06-07 #lamo #manning #pressrelease "Adrian Lamo to respond to arrest of PFC Manning"
 (I-Newswire) June 7, 2010 - Sacramento, CA -- celebrated ex-hacker Adrian Lamo plans to respond by Tuesday, Jun 8 to allegations that he was instrumental in the arrest of PFC Manning.

2010-06-06 #lamo #manning #poulsen #wired #zetter First article published by Wired on Manning's arrest.

2010-06-02 #poulsen #wired #zetter Kim Zetter brought in on story
 "Zetter says she was brought on to the story on the evening of June 2."

2010-06-01 #chatlogs #lamo #poulsen Lamo lifts chatlog embargo
 "Lamo did not lift the embargo until June 1"

2010-05-29 #feds #manning Manning confined according to charge sheet
 "Pre-trial confinement 29 MAY 10"

2010-05-28 #lamo #manning #poulsen Lamo tells Poulsen about Manning's arrest
 "Lamo told Poulsen on the morning of May 28 that, at the previous day’s meeting, he had been told Manning had been arrested the day before—May 26."

2010-05-27 #chatlogs #greenwald #lamo #manning 3pm Poulsen receives logs from Lamo under embargo
 "Several days passed before he was willing to give me the chat logs under embargo. I got them on May 27. That's when I learned Manning's name and the full details of his claims to Adrian." -- Kevin Poulsen to Glenn Greenwald

  #feds #lamo 4pm Lamo’s scheduled second meeting with the feds, discovers Manning arrested
 "On May 27, before Lamo’s scheduled second meeting with the feds was set to take place that afternoon at 4 pm" "Lamo told Poulsen on the morning of May 28 that, at the previous day’s meeting, he had been told Manning had been arrested the day before—May 26."

  #feds #manning Mannings last activity on SIPR according to charge sheet
 "on or about May 27th, intentionally exceed his authorized access"

2010-05-26 #chatlogs #lamo #poulsen Poulsen asks for chat logs from Lamo again, Lamo consents if embargoed
 "On May 26, he asked for the chat logs again, and Lamo agreed to provide them on two conditions: that he treat them as embargoed until Lamo assented, and that Poulsen would have to drive to the Sacramento area and meet him—Lamo thought them too sensitive to send electronically."

  #feds #manning Manning arrested? -- conflicts with charge sheet
 Lamo told Poulsen on the morning of May 28 that, at the previous day’s meeting, he had been told Manning had been arrested the day before—May 26.

  #lamo #webster Lamo contacts Timothy Webster about Manning (?)
 A former Army counterintelligence agent said Wednesday he helped point military authorities to a soldier who is under scrutiny in the massive leak of secret war records to a self-described whistleblower website.

Timothy Webster, 30, of Santa Barbara, Calif., said a Sacramento-based computer hacker called him May 26 with a hypothetical question: What would you do if a soldier told you he had leaked classified information?

(Note inconsistent dates)

2010-05-24 #lamo #poulsen Poulsen’s initial phone call from Lamo
 "Poulsen’s initial phone call from Lamo didn’t come until May 24, after Lamo had already contacted federal authorities, and was set to meet with them for the first time the next day."

2010-05-21 #lamo #manning #wired Initial Lamo/Manning chat according to Wired

2010-05-20 #aspergers #lamo #poulsen #wired Wired publishes Lamo Aspergers article written by Kevin Poulsen
 "Ex-Hacker Adrian Lamo Institutionalized for Asperger’s"

  #lamo #manning Lamo claims Manning first emailed him
 "Lamo told me that Manning first emailed him on May 20" -- Glenn Greenwald

  #hackerswanted #lamo #poulsen #wired Poulsen publishes Wired story about "Hackers Wanted" leak
 "After collecting cobwebs in a studio vault for the better part of a decade, an unreleased documentary on the 2003 hacking scene leaked onto the Pirate Bay Thursday." -- Wired

  #hackerswanted #lamo "Hackers Wanted" documentary released on piratebay

2010-05-05 #aspergers #drugs #lamo #nadim Nadim learns Aspergers article to be released
 Lauren: he's going public with the whole experience next week through wired. Lauren: but I doubt the part with his true struggle with drugs and his history with them will be disclosed Lauren: mainly the article is going to be about hackers and such with aspergers Lauren: he told me that today. but who knows if Kevin poulsen will go through with it.

2010-04-29 #chatlogs #drugs #lamo #nadim Lamo at Sacremental mental health for drug problems
 Lauren: he is now at sacramento mental health Lauren: Nadim. He doesn't want to be talked to. Nadim: Why mental institutions?? Is it really that bad??? Nadim: I'm shocked and hurt Lauren: Yes. Lauren: You couldn't ever tell by the speech slurring, and the lack to follow through with things? Lauren: So many medications.

2010-04-23 #hackerswanted #lamo #nadim Lamo implies he is going to have "Hackers Wanted" leaked
 Nadim: I now have the capacity to leak Hackers Wanted Nadim: Letting you down on that front in the past's left a mark in my memory Nadim: I haven't forgotten =) Adrian: Why do you put up with me>? I´m often a jerk, arrogant, totally sure of my theories, and willing to crash and burn to make a point. Adrian: Make no mistake, you;re one of roughly fie people I trust.

2010-04-05 #manning #wikileaks "Collateral Murder" video released


  1. "Sacremental mental health" is a nice
    Freudian typo :-)

    You might also add the timeline of BM's
    homosexual outing -see boingboing,
    gawker, even cryptome.

  2. Wow. This is some story. Had no idea any of this was going on.

    I can just imagine the screenwriters pouring over this timeline as they pen the WikiLeaks movie. :)

  3. I have two things to add to May 7,

    May 6 2010, Manning's final post on Facebook wall before official May 26 arrest. (Frontline facebook screenshots)

    May 7, Lamo Adrian Lamo after being institutionalized for 9 days and diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome is released.

    May 7, Manning is reprimanded due to alleged public outbursts where he struck a female soldier in the face. He was also allegedly also found in the fetal position in a closet. (sourced by Frontline doc)